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Getting the Trap on Deck

We get a warning that the trap is close to reaching the ocean surface by placing a red marker through the core of the rope (25 feet before the trap). When the trap reaches the surface it may have a lot of mud on it from being dragged across the bottom. The video below shows us cleaning the trap. The trap is lifted and dropped near the surface of the water.


Below are photos of the trap reaching the ocean surface and being taken aboard the Wendy Helen. The shadow following the trap is mud coming off the bottom of the trap. The trap is sometime dragged across the bottom as the trap is being hauled. There is 600 feet of rope on each trap and we may only be in 400 ft of water. The middle section of each rope if sinking rope (density greater that the density of water), and may cause a hundred feet of rope to be sitting on the bottom. This sometimes causes the trap to be dragged horizontally at first before being raised vertically to the ocean surface. (Remember the we can use the depth sounder to know if we are over rocky or muddy bottom. We are looking for muddy bottom because that is what snow crab prefer.)

mud coming off the trap


trap being taken out of the ocean


close up of trap as it leaves the water


trap ready to swing over the boat

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