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What is a snow crab?
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Loading the Boat

The last step before setting day is loading the boat with all the gear. The traps weigh over 200 lbs each, so a tractor is used to carry them to the boat. They are transported and stored on the boat in stacks. The tractor will take 3 or 4 at a time, but they'll be stack 9 high in the boat. We fish 18 traps so we will have two piles.

tractor moving snow crab traps
tractor moving snow crab traps

Below is all the gear aboard. When the boat is loaded each trap is tied to a rope, and that rope to a buoy. This way we can set the traps as rapidly as possibly setting day. Just unpile a trap, close the bottom, bait and set.

loaded boat ready for season

On the top of the red pile of traps above a rope with a hook can be seen. This goes to a pulley and then to a cargo winch mounted 15 feet above the deck. This allows the traps to be lifted and moved around the deck by hydraulics power rather than muscle power.

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