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Bait - Why do the crab enter the trap?

To encourage our catch to enter our plastic and metal trap fresh mackerel is used. They are placed in two bait bags. One bag has mesh with 1 inch holes the other bag has a mesh size similar to a screen door. The large mesh bag allows the mackerel scent to dissipate quickly through the water, but consequently is consumed quickly by sand fleas. The small mesh bag keeps the sand fleas out but also keeps the scent in. Though experience the large mesh bags attracts the crab into the trap and the small mesh keeps them there (hey if there is food why leave).

By scientific study (I forgot to put a large bag on a trap; only putting a small meshed bag on) I have determined that the small mesh will only catch a fraction of what the combination will catch.

bait bags

bait bags

Each bait bag will have around 20 mackerel. In total 300 to 400 lbs of bait will be used per day. Below I am baiting a trap. The bait is placed high in the middle of the trap. The bait should be high in the trap because the crab has to be encouraged to climb the trap and fall in the top of the trap.

baiting a trap

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